the highland games


“The first historical reference to the type of events held at Highland Games in Scotland was made during the time of King Malcolm III (Scottish Gaelic: Máel Coluim; c. 1031 – 13 November 1093) when he summoned men to race up Craig Choinnich overlooking Braemar with the aim of finding the fastest runner in Scotland to be his royal messenger. They were also thought to have originally been events where the strongest and bravest soldiers in Scotland would be tested. These gatherings were not only about trials of strength. Musicians and dancers were encouraged to reveal their skill and talents and so be a great credit to the clan that they represented.”



This is a S.H.A.G. (Southeastern Highland Athletics Group) competition. Athletes must be registered with S.H.A.G. to sign up for the Coastal Highland Games and can do so at Sign-ups for this event will be available 1 month before the games.

HAMMER THROW A hammer consisting of a metal or lead head with a wooden or rattan shaft (12-22lbs, not exceeding 50”) is swung around the athlete’s head and tossed with their feet in a fixed position. Longest distance wins!

SHEAF TOSS Athletes use a 2- or 3-pined pitchfork to throw a 16 lb-20 lb bag over a bar. Competitors get three (3) tries at each height.

OPEN STONE The ancient version of what is known as the modern day Shot Put. Using a spin or glide technique, athletes fling a 16lb-20-lb stone from a stationary position, without stepping over the line, which results in a foul. Longest distance wins.

HEAVY WEIGHT THROW Using a spinning technique, athletes throw a weight (ranging between 28 to 56 pounds). Longest distance wins.

LIGHT WEIGHT THROW Using a spinning technique, athletes throw a weight (ranging between 14 to 18 pounds). Longest distance wins.

CABER TOSS A 20’ wooden beam or caber weighing around 150 lbs is flipped to a 12 o’clock position. This means that the athlete must pick up the caber, run and flip it so that it lands directly in front of them; or 12 o’clock on an imaginary clock. Points are rewarded based on landing position relative to 12 o’clock.

WEIGHT OVER BAR A combination of the Sheaf Toss and Weight Throws. Competitors throw a weight over a bar using one hand and will have three (3) chances at each height.

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